Major/Minor Project Training

As a student of Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science and IT of any university you are required to make an Academic Project to accomplish your Graduation/Masters. We provide you the opportunity to work on projects using most contemporary and evolving technologies backed with appropriate guidance. This is a genuine project build up program which is targeted with motto “For Students & By Students”.
Introducing the KULCHURI SOFTWARE SOLUTION Project Implementation Program, a technology packed learning program. This program is designed considering your future needs. Being a part of this program, you get a chance to work on Software Development projects, as a part of your academic curriculum, using next generation Java / Microsoft technologies, qualifying you ready for the professional world when you step in to it. This program will provide just the kind of exposure you need to give yourself the leading edge in an increasingly competitive job market.
We have already drawn up a comprehensive list of topics and scenarios including the scenarios given by IBM, Infosys, and Microsoft for students, which you may choose from for your project work. We even welcome you to work on any other scenario designed by you or your internal guide, provided you need to come up with the minimum details and understanding of the scenario/requirement. We will guide you according to your need. Download the abstract for the projects.
As a part of this Program, we will provide you with resources you need to build and execute the project. You will also receive a technical update that keeps you known about the latest technology news. The information you can take advantage of and are able to create world-class solutions..






Cloud Computing

Hadoop Big Data


Angular JS